Hotel Photography Ideas

There are endless possibilities and creative ideas on how to capture a new hotel and resort, let's get some inspiration on how to be more creative and create a hospitality photo that sells.

Luxury Hotel Photography

No matter if this is a luxury hotel or an affordable accommodation, we always aim for creating impactful hospitality visuals that sell the experience.

While we can’t change where the property is located, what is behind or next to it, and what are the weather conditions, we can always inspire to capture more unique perspectives that reflect the entire experience in one visual.

Paris Hotel

For this assignment, we wanted to showcase the 3 main elements of this property, the Eiffel Tower, The Gate of Victory, and the Hotel all in a single picture.

We had to circle around this huge property until we found the sweet spot and then it was a waiting game for the sun to go down and the interior lighting to shine out.


Las Vegas Paris Hotel Photographer


Iconic Bellagio Hotel

No need to introduce the most iconic hotel and fountain in the world, the Bellagio.

We have been fascinated to create a picture that shows both the hotel and fountain and how it connects to the famous las vegas boulevard (strip).

Little bit ironic, to capture a hotel you need to rent a suite in another hotel to get the best view and unique perspective.

But as a Hotel Photography Agency, we do what we need to be done to get to the ultimate image.

While this was captured just for our passion for creation we still like the final result and the unique hotel photography idea of renting a room in another property for this assignment.

Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains Hotel Photographer


Well, it’s 9 in the morning, and this is the only time the sun would project this beautiful sun ray into the hotel lobby

when we talk about creative ideas for hotel photography you must ask what makes this image special. and we ask where are all the people?

We had to capture more than 40 different images where different sections of the lobby are not occupied and in post-production to remove them from the image, when it comes to active properties we must be creative.

Hotel And Resort Photographer



One of the biggest challenges in modern architecture hotels with spectacular views is the reflections of interior and exterior lighting on the windows.

With 20,000 euros a night in this high-end suite, we didn’t have much time to create this “simple looking” living room image.

If you are wondering about what reflections I am talking about I invite you to have a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes articles and before and after architectural photography pictures to see how it was looking before.

To solve this challenge we had to take several pictures with the light on and off of the interior and exterior view and combine them into one simple-looking image.

Aria Sky Suites Hotel Photography

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