Business Portraits in Germany

Allure Captures specializes in large-scale corporate business portraits for organizations and companies across Germany.


Business Portraits sometimes called Corporate Portraiture, CEO-Portraits, or Marketing Head Shoots are meant to provide a professional and business level of pictures that represent your company, brand, and profession. 

Our Added Value

There is a big difference between a couple of headshots for a small hotel or architecture firm to a large corporation with hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees. 

With more than 20 years in the business working with leading Fortune 500 companies in Cosmetic and Beauty, Hospitality, High-Tech, and Banking firms we are familiar with creating high-impact photos within a short time frame.


We handle all sizes of corporate portrait projects from dozens to thousands of people with multiple on-location studios, with professional lighting, cohesive backgrounds, and dedicated makeup, hair, touch-ups, and project managers.

Large Organizations 

Depending on the size of your firm and if it’s single or multiple locations we will arrange a timeline to maximize our capabilities and allow your workforce to continue operating their daily routine.

Agency Services

  • As a part of our photography agency services in Germany, Europe, and the USA we provide full production services which include:
  • Project and Production Managers
  • Full Studio setup on Location 
  • Makeup and Hair Professionals 
Business Porträt Deutschland
Business Porträt Deutschland Germany

Our Partners

  • Loreal Paris
  • Mars
  • Estee Lauder
  • U-Bank
  • Nice Technologies 
  • Leumi Bank
  • And more

Our Process

We start by identifying your needs, timeline, and requirements, we then move toward talking about logistics and operational needs and setting timelines.

During production day depending on the size and scale of the project, our project manager will be dedicated to managing the workflow of the photoshoot.

Setting up single or multiple studios on location with similar backgrounds and lighting to ensure identical results across all studios.

After the day is finished, our in-house post-production and editing team will start working on those images, refining them, and making sure they turn up based on our guidelines.

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