Types of Commercial Photography

Commercial photography offers photographers a diverse landscape of creative opportunities.

From Hospitality and Lifestyle Photography to Food and Architectural Photography, each niche presents its unique challenges and rewards.

Product Photography: Capturing products for e-commerce, advertising, and catalog purposes.

Food and Culinary Photography: Food and beverages for restaurants, cookbooks, and food brands.

Fashion Photography: Capturing clothing, accessories, and fashion trends for brands, designers, and publications.

Architectural Photography: From Residential to commercial buildings exterior, and interior spaces for architects, designers, and publications.

Product Photography

It's the art of creating high-quality images and visuals for the purpose of promoting and marketing products, services, businesses, or experiences

Sports Photography: Photographing professional players and teams.

Lifestyle Photography: A combination of portraiture, landscape, and architecture for advertising purposes.

Hotel and Hospitality Photography: A commercial and architectural specialty focusing on hospitality including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and retail.

Automotive Photography: From car and bike manufacturers and other transportation industries.

Drone Photography

Jewelry Photography: Focuses on capturing the intricate details and beauty of jewelry pieces for designers and retailers.

Aerial and Drone Photography: The use of drones and aerial equipment to capture unique perspectives for many industries.

Interior Design Photography: Showcases interior spaces, furniture, and decor for interior designers and home decor brands.

Travel and Tourism Photography: Capturing visuals of tourist destinations, landscapes, and cultural experiences for travel agencies and countries or cities to promote tourism.

Which type of commercial photography is the most profitable?

High Demand: Hotels and resorts rely heavily on visual marketing to attract guests.

They require a continuous stream of high-quality images for their websites, brochures, and marketing materials.

This constant demand ensures that hotel photographers have a consistent flow of work throughout the year.


Diverse Client Base: The hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of establishments, from boutique hotels to luxury resorts and everything in between.

This diversity provides hotel photographers with a broad client base to work with, each offering unique opportunities for creative photography.


Repeat Business: Hotels frequently undergo updates and renovations, and host various events.

This creates opportunities for photographers to secure repeat business, as they are often called upon to capture new images for each update or event.

This repeat business can provide a reliable source of income.


High Budgets: The hospitality industry typically has more substantial marketing budgets compared to many other sectors.

They understand the importance of captivating visuals in attracting guests, allowing photographers to command competitive rates for their services.

This results in higher earnings for hotel photographers compared to some other niches in the photography industry.

How much money do you earn in commercial photography?

* yearly average with 5 years of experience


€75,000 – €85,000


€70,000 – €80,000


€75,000 – €95,000


€100,000- €180,000


€70,000 – €120,000


€60,000 – €90,000


€75,000 – €100,000


€70,000 – €120,000


€100,000- €200,000


€80,000 – €80,000


€45,000 – €95,000


€50,000 – €70,000


€70,000 – €120,000


€70,000 – €100,000

Choosing Your Photography Path

Choosing Your  Specialty

Selecting a commercial photography specialty is a pivotal decision on your creative journey.

Start by considering your location – different regions may have varying demands for certain niches.

Assess the competition in your area to identify underserved markets and opportunities.

Study the market situation to understand client needs and emerging trends.

Whether it’s the demand for food photography in a culinary hotspot, or architectural photography in a city of skyscrapers.

Aligning your specialty with market demands can set you on a path to a successful and fulfilling career in commercial photography.

The 3 typs in high demand today!

These specialties are in high demand because they address specific needs in various industries.

Allowing businesses to better communicate with their target audiences, resulting in more sales and brand awareness.

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