Photographing the Interior Design of New Luxury Jets

The interior design of a new luxury jet is a harmonious blend of style,

Comfort, and sophistication. Capturing the essence of these meticulously crafted spaces requires a keen eye for detail, technical expertise, and an understanding of the unique challenges involved. In this article, we will delve into the art of photographing the interior design of new luxury jets, exploring techniques and considerations to ensure stunning visuals that showcase the beauty and elegance of these remarkable flying sanctuaries.

Interior Photography of New Luxury Jets

Preparing for the Shoot:

Before stepping into the world of luxury jet interior photography, thorough preparation is essential. Familiarize yourself with the aircraft’s layout and design features, ensuring you understand the flow of the space. Collaborate with the designers or the manufacturer to gain insights into their vision and desired photographic outcomes. Make a checklist of essential equipment, including a high-quality camera, lenses suitable for capturing wide angles and details (Tilt Shift), a tripod for stability, and lighting equipment to ensure optimal illumination.

It is always important to make a project meeting with all parties prior to photoshoot day, at Allure Captures we sit for a production meeting to discover all our client’s needs, requirements, number of photos, dates, logistics, and operational requirements.

Lighting for Luxury:

Proper lighting is crucial in capturing the intricacies and ambiance of luxury jet interiors. The confined space and reflective surfaces inside the aircraft present unique lighting challenges. Aim for a balance between natural light and artificial lighting sources to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Utilize diffusers, reflectors, and supplementary lighting to soften harsh shadows and reduce glare on glossy surfaces. Experiment with different lighting angles to highlight design elements and create an appealing visual composition.

Depending on the environment (if the aircraft is in a hangar or outside) we will consider masking the windows or adding exterior lighting to shine through the windows emulating natural light even at 2 am.

Showcasing Space and Proportions:

The primary objective of interior design photography is to capture the sense of space and proportions accurately. Wide-angle lenses are ideal for encompassing the entirety of the cabin, highlighting its luxurious expanse. Position the camera strategically to emphasize the dimensions and flow of the space, ensuring that architectural features, such as curved walls or unique ceiling designs, are showcased. Experiment with different camera heights and angles to accentuate the grandeur and uniqueness of the interior.


Know your environment, different locations have different regulations, weather, and other logistical requirements needed for a successful photoshoot make sure to understand them during the initial call with the client. Allure Captures operates in Europe including Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and in the USA in Nevada and New York.

Aviation Jet Commercial Photography 2
Aviation Jet Commercial Photography 2

Attention to Detail:

The allure of luxury jet interiors lies in their exquisite attention to detail. It is crucial to capture these elements with precision and clarity. Focus on capturing the intricate craftsmanship of bespoke furniture, fine fabrics, and elegant finishes. Zoom in on the smallest details, such as stitching patterns, texture, and ornamental accents, to convey the quality and craftsmanship that define the luxury design. Use macro lenses or close-up shots to capture these intricate details effectively.

Think about everything from color, material, reflections, and any element that impact the lifestyle and or price of the aircraft and incorporate it in the pictures.

Composition and Styling:

Masterful composition and styling elevate interior design photography to another level. Consider the principles of design, such as balance, symmetry, and leading lines, to create visually appealing compositions. Arrange furniture, accessories, and decor elements with care to present the space in an inviting and natural manner. Remove any unnecessary clutter or distractions that may detract from the overall aesthetic. Pay attention to color coordination, ensuring that the palette complements the design scheme.

Shooting too wide can result in a distortion this is why it’s important to preserve your perspective using architectural lenses and proper framing and angles.

Playing with Perspectives:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different perspectives to create visual interest and depth in your photographs. Capture low-angle shots to emphasize the grandeur of vertical spaces, such as tall ceilings or statement staircases. Incorporate unique angles to showcase innovative design features or distinctive architectural elements. Explore different vantage points, such as shooting from the end of a hallway or from within a seating area, to create a sense of immersion and invite viewers into the luxurious atmosphere.

Post-processing and Retouching:

Post-processing is an essential step in enhancing the final images of luxury jet interiors. Use editing software to fine-tune colors, exposure, and contrast to accurately represent the design elements and create a cohesive visual narrative. Pay attention to preserving the authenticity of the space while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Retouching should be done with subtlety, removing any distracting elements or imperfections while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Keep an eye during the photoshoot on the light coming from the windows as they are almost impossible to retouch out when you have glow and halos.

Final Thoughts:

Creating impactful lifestyle aviation images requires technical expertise, attention to detail, and creative vision. By mastering lighting techniques, showcasing space and proportions, capturing intricate details, and employing effective composition and styling, photographers can create stunning visuals that highlight the beauty, sophistication, and craftsmanship of these extraordinary flying environments. The careful balance between technical precision and artistic interpretation will allow viewers to immerse themselves in the world of luxury jet interiors and appreciate the ingenuity and elegance of the design.

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