Steps for Successful Photography Production for Hotel Commercial

Let's outline the essential steps for a successful photography production process, from pre-production planning to natural post-production.

Hotel Commercial Photography Production Steps for Success

Effective marketing is crucial for attracting potential guests. One powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal is high-quality photography. Captivating visuals can convey the unique features and ambiance of a hotel, enticing travelers to choose it as their destination. However, producing a hotel commercial requires careful planning and execution.

Pre-Production Planning:

The first step in any photography production is thorough pre-production planning. This involves identifying the goals and objectives of the commercial, understanding the target audience, and establishing a creative vision. Determine the key selling points of the hotel that need to be highlighted in the photographs. Research and gather inspiration from other successful hotel campaigns to develop a unique concept.

In this step, we do a complementary session to determine all the answers to those questions, including timeline, number of pictures, type of pictures needed, and talking about the operation and logistical needs, while Allure Captures is a full production photography agency we need the minimum effort from your side to coordinate the production for the mutual success of the project.

Deciding the Number and Type of Pictures Needed:

Once the creative vision is established, the next step is to determine the number and types of pictures needed. Consider the various aspects of the hotel that should be showcased, such as rooms, amenities, dining areas, spa facilities, and outdoor spaces. Decide on the specific shots required for each area and the angles that will best highlight their appeal. Strive for a balanced mix of wide shots, close-ups, and detail shots to create a comprehensive visual story.

On a typical production day we usually create anywhere from 4-8 final pictures, it of course depends on the number of sets, production needs, and distance between locations. in each set, we capture a few dozen of pictures, but our goal is to create the perfect image based on our goals.

Choosing Talents:

The right talent can significantly enhance the visual impact of the hotel commercial. Depending on the concept and target audience, consider hiring professional models or actors to portray guests enjoying the hotel’s amenities. Select talents who align with the desired brand image and convey the desired emotions and experiences convincingly. Conduct casting sessions and make sure to obtain appropriate releases and contracts.

Depending if we performed the entire production or just the photography side, we would provide the client several options of models, actors, and talents to choose from that fit their budget and marketing demographic, our project manager handles the cycle from scouting, negotiation, contracting, and more based on the production need.

Hotel Lifestyle Photography
Hotel Lifestyle Photography

Production Day: Client Preparation:

To ensure a smooth production day, the client must be well-prepared. This involves coordinating with the photography team and making the necessary arrangements. Provide the photographers with detailed information about the locations to be photographed, including access restrictions, key areas, and potential challenges. Ensure all necessary permissions and permits are obtained in advance, especially for shooting in public areas or nearby attractions.

Think about which people need to be available and which locations must be prepared and accessible for the shoot, as we already discussed this in the pre-production meetings.

During the Production Day:

On the production day, it is crucial to ensure that all locations are ready and accessible for photography. Collaborate with the hotel staff to ensure that rooms are clean and well-staged, amenities are fully functional, and public areas are clear of clutter. Pay attention to the lighting conditions and make necessary adjustments to create the desired atmosphere. Consider providing food and beverage options that align with the hotel’s brand and complement the visual narrative.

Natural Post-Production (Editing):

Once the production is complete, the final step is the post-production phase, where the raw images are edited and enhanced. Work closely with professional photo editors to refine the images, ensuring they meet the desired aesthetic and technical standards. Adjust colors, contrast, and saturation to achieve a consistent look and feel throughout the commercial. Retouch any imperfections, such as blemishes or distractions, to present the hotel in its best light.

We do all our post-production and editing in-house to control the final result and maximize the commercial image potential.

Hotel Food And Beverage Photographer
Hotel Food And Beverage Photographer

The Benefits of a Photography Agency

Our added value as an agency that is led by photographers is clear and simple communication, we handle all the aspects of this production and are not a 3rd party agency. Also, you are not limited to a regular talent agency pool which incurs much higher rates.

Photography Production Agency in Europe

We provide our commercial photography solutions across the EU including our main hubs of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich Germany, Paris, France, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki

Final Thoughts

The process of producing a hotel commercial photography campaign involves several crucial steps, from pre-production planning to natural post-production. By carefully planning the shoot, selecting the right talent, and ensuring a well-prepared production day, hotels can capture captivating images that effectively promote their brand and attract potential guests. Remember, each step is essential in creating a visually stunning commercial that showcases the hotel’s unique features and invites guests to experience its offerings firsthand.

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