How to Photograph Retail Store

Photographing a retail store combines the elements of design and retail experience into visuals that bring excitement to visit a store in person. 

Retail Store Photographer

It’s been more than 10 years since we started to photograph luxury retail and department stores across the world. 

Incorporating the elements of design and architecture in a combination of consumer behavior and the shopping experience is something magical and requires a lot of attention to detail. 

Bringing customers In

Online shopping is convenient, fast, and requires a few clicks to complete a purchase, but there’s nothing that replaces the real experience of visiting the stores, seeing, touching, and going out for a good time.

Our goal is to reflect the experience, design, offering, and setting of the expectations of your customers. 

The Impact on Revenue

Featuring great pictures of your store allows many benefits to your customers. 

Exterior images will help recognize the location

Interior will help them understand the layout and selection of products available to them.

Preparation for a Photoshoot

For pristine execution, we must prepare the store for the photoshoot day. 

Here are some main points to follow :

  • Make sure the place is organized based on the company planograms. 
  • The store should be cleaned 30 min before production this is especially important for displays, mirrors, and elements where fingerprints can be seen.
  • Remove all “sale”, “new” or any other temporary signage to make sure the pictures are eternal.


While it is obvious it is important to mention that most stores are been photographed right after closing time or before opening to minimize the disturbance to the clients.

Depending on the size and number of visuals it usually takes 4 hours to capture both the inside and outside, some luxury brands or large department stores may take a full day to several days depending on the final result needed.

Loewe Berlin Store Kadewe
Loewe Berlin Store Kadewe

For example for Retail Store Photography in Berlin, Germany. we have done for the Luxury Brand Loewe at the KaDeWe (shopping center)

Exterior and Interior

We usually start with the exterior photos, it is important to tell a store from out towards in, allowing the customers to recognize the store once they have seen the images.

Moving towards the Interior it’s important to have several overall visuals that represent the layout and overall mood and feel of the space.

If needed capture different sections to showcase the variety of products available.

Don’t forget that before visiting your boutique store, the consumers don’t know how big or which type of products this specific location offers.

Large Scale Projects

We work with many companies and brands across Europe and the USA. The visibility must look similar across all stores that are been photographed to keep the identity and visuality cohesive.

We know capturing multiple bouquets can be challenging the time time-consuming for the brand managers out there, as an agency we support them with project management coordination, and execution of large-scale projects as part of our services. 

Kiton Retail Flagship Store In Las Vegas Photography
Kiton Retail Flagship Store

Another example of Copenhagen, Denmark retail store photography.

Photo List

  • 1X Exterior
  • 1X Optional Exterior at an angle
  • 2-3X Overall look and feel
  • 2-4X Sections or Departments

This covers the average retail store size with 6-8 final pictures


  • Coordinate with the store manager (date & time)
  • Make sure the space is ready per your guidelines
  • Do we need a photo permit? Do we need to let the mall or center know?
  • Double-check that windows, glass, and mirrors are cleaned 
  • Who will sign off that the space is ready to start shooting?


We invite you to be inspired by our retail portfolio

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