Hotel Photography Checklist

Coming prepared for hotel photography production is crucial for the success project, here are some checklists and guidelines.

Hotel Fotograf / Photographe d’hôtel Guidlines

We have created a short guideline and checklist to help you prepare for your next production.

Remember preparation makes perfection, Allure Captures had the pleasure of partnering with many of the world’s leading hotels and resorts across the world.

We look forward to sharing with you our knowledge and expertise.

Defining Project Scope

Before starting any project we recommend sitting on a phone call/zoom meeting for a production meeting. 

In this meeting we will explore all your needs to understand better the timeline, the number of photos, and the space need to be photographed. 

Is there any limitation of time? Acesses? Is different space available at different times of the day? So many questions need to be discussed. 

Within 15 minutes we can understand better the project scope and can advise how is the best way to plan for the photo shoot, give you ideas on better logistical management, and more information that will answer any option questions.

For our agency partners, we offer full commercial production and project management services including talent (models and actors), hair, makeup, styling, F&B, contracting, permits, and project management.


After understanding the project scope, it’s time to talk about dates and times, operational needs, and requirements. 

We can advise what are the best practices to manage each type of photoshoot from hotel interior, exterior, and lifestyle production as our goal is to minimize guest interruption to the minimum.

Also, it’s time to talk with your operational in-house colleagues about preparing the property for the production day.

This will allow your team enough time to get everything per your company’s standards.


We start the day by scouting all the locations on the project and making sure everything is prepared for the photoshoot.

Looking to make sure all spaces are accessible, and organized per your requirements and allow more time if needed for specific areas that are not quite ready for the shoot.


One of the most complex visuals to capture as we can’t control any of the moving elements like people, traffic, light, and weather. 

With experience comes many ways we can handle most situations either with different techniques or in post-production.

We create two types of exterior photos day and night time.

Day Time

Straight forward of the hotel or at an angle (or both).

We are looking for the sun to be at our side for us to get those blue skies and avoid any lens flairs. 

If the sun is not where we need it, we just capture the daytime visuals earlier or later on that day.

Night Time

Similar to the daytime photos, here we are getting the hero shot with the light of the room shining towards the outside. beyond highlighting the architectural elements, it’s tied into the after-hours part of your guest plans.


As part of the exterior, this includes all the public areas, pool, garden, golf course, or any attraction for your guests. This will help guests to understand your offering and to set expectations in advance providing a better guest experience. 

Las Vegas Paris Hotel Photographer
Las Vegas Paris Hotel Photographer


  • Our goal is to create an experience for our guests even in this “pre-mature” phase of online viewing. 
  • We can’t provide a guest experience with 1-2 photos, it is similar to a 5 seconds movie trailer, it’s nice but not enough.
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 pictures per regular room, 3-5 for suites and double rooms, and 6-10 for villas and penthouses.
  • It’s important not to forget that any type of room needed to be captured like accessible, regular, premium view and other views, double queen and king. 
  • Your guest wants to make sure everything looks exactly like in the photos.
  • Don’t forget to remove those trash bins, magazines, and t.v remotes.
  • Avoid “styling” items like flowers or anything similar, you don’t want to surprise your guests with “Where are the nice flowers in the images “.


Aria Sky Villas Hotel Photography
Aria Sky Villas Hotel Photography

Recommended Photo List


  • 1-2 Daytime.
  • 1-2 Parking or Valet Services
  • 1-3 Main pool area.
  • 3-5 Lifestyle (Cabanas, Bars, Daybeds, Spas)
  • 1 The night hero shoot.
  • 2-3 environmental (City, Beach, Views, Landscape)


  • 1 Reception
  • 1-2 Lobby
  • 1-2 elevator and sitting area
  • 1 Conservative store (very important)
  • 1-2 Retail Stores
  • 2-3 Food and Beverage
  • 2-3 Fitness / Gym / Spa
  • 3-5 Conference Center
  • 2-4 Chappell / Religious space
  • 3-5 Venue space

Rooms and Suites:

  • 2-4 – Room King
  • 2-4 – Room Queen
  • 2-3 – Double bed
  • 3-5 – Suites
  • 6-10 Penthouse / Villas / Luxury Suite


  • Define Project Scope
  • Plan with our and your team the production day
  • Reminder everyone one day before to prepare and have access to all spaces.
  • Scout the space together
  • Don’t forget daytime and nighttime visuals
  • Make sure all types of spaces are captured (queen/king)
  • Have fun
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