Hiring Hotel Photographer on a Retainer

Hotels need to create dozens of visuals every year for their advertising and social media channels, so hiring a retainer hotel photographer can be the best of all worlds.

Hospitality Photography Production Solution all year round

Hotels and Resorts have guests 365 years a day for leisure and business, with OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and your own website and social media that is been watched 24/7 content is king.

Having an agency on a quarterly retainer lets you enjoy all the worlds in one simple solution. this includes availability, less operation, more flexible rates, and unlimited access to ultra-premium visuals.

Who is this service for?

For mid-size to large properties across the EU region that need constant image creation in a wide spectrum of services.

What Advertising Channels Do Hotels Use?

  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
  • Online Travel Agencies
    • Booking.com
    • TripAdvisor
    • Expedia
    • and more
  • Website
  • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media
    • Programmatic Advertising
    • Google Ads, Search, and Display
    • DOOH – Display Out of Home
  • Print
    • Magazines
    • Flyers
    • Billboards

Today companies can’t use stock photos anymore as they became accessible to millions of people around the world and similar visuals can be found in any website today for a fraction of the cost. it also does not represent the property nor support the guest’s expectation for general images from somewhere else.

What services are included?

Typically all the still and production services that hospitality needs include

Added Values

Saving you hundreds of hours per year for RFPs, scouting for talent, communication, and vetting new vendors across multiple dispensaries like architecture, design, F&B, portraiture, commercial, and advertising photography.

Also, a long-standing relationship would benefit both the property and the agency as pricing reflects a long-run collaboration.

It also can save huge budgets due to unforeseen cancelations or project rescheduling that typically cost 20%-50% of the project value.

How the deal is structured?

The most common way is a yearly term with quarterly cycles.

In simple terms, we sit together to understand the needs and the expected volume and number of visuals per quarter and set a flexible date every month to capture and update. the visuals needed, giving you every month to revisit needs without scoping new budgets and RFPs.

Things to consider?

  • Can the agency provide multi-disciplinary visuals (architecture, lifestyle, F&B)?
  • Can they be flexible with their availability?
  • Is your property large enough to create content worth the retainer?
  • Do you have an additional budget or workforce to support visual creation (models, social media manager)?

Want to know more?

Let’s get to know each other and answer all the questions you might have.


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