Before and After Architectural Photography

We often look at amazing architectural photos in publications, magazines, and billboards and take them for granted, we want to take you the behind-the-scenes of allure agency high-end architectural photographers' work and show you the before and after and how the magic really happens.

The Secrets Behind Architectural Photographer Photos

Before we jump behind the scenes it’s important to understand the before and after.

You often look at high-end hotels, retail stores, and luxury homes and say, well it looks like 20,000,000, I didn’t expect anything else, but the fact is, our cameras don’t care if it’s 100k or 100mil space.

There are so many elements in a space that require attention to detail, like light, exterior, interior, different finishes, colors, symmetry, light colors, shiny martial, glass windows, and many more.

While we say one picture is worth 1,000 words, it’s not the case in commercial photography and the expectations of a photography agency when producing advertising material.


Single Photo Vs Commercial Photo

Ok, so enough talk let’s see some pictures, but one second before you jump into it, it is crucial to understand what the before and after includes.

Before Picture

Professional single-exposure photo with the same professional gear as our commercial images., Expanding the limits of a single image with post-production to get the most of the in and out colors and light capabilities.

By itself, it looks great, and straight and it’s used as our base visual for the elevated work.

After Picture

As before, we create dozens of single-exposure pictures but this time we capture different elements (colors, light, exposures) to enhance the overall visual.

Our goal is to reflect the real color, mood, and feel by combining dozens of images into a single final polished and retouched stunning picture.



This commercial architecture image was captured for an ultra-luxury inspiration home collaboration with Range Rover.

Our goal was to show the overall lifestyle, which includes modern architecture, and the views from the community, and to connect the Range Rover to the experience.

Before And After 16
Ascaya Cloud Chaser Architectural Photography Night Time



The Aria Sky Villas are situated on the top floor of the famous 5-star luxury hotel Aria Hotel and Casino.

This was a very challenging project as many windows and shiny objects both in and out reflect on other material

With been exclusive suite for top clients retailing over 20,000 euros per night, we had to work quickly to create impactful photos in a very short time.

If you want to see more of our hotel photographer work check out our portfolio.

Before And After 15


Aria Sky Suites Hotel Photography



One of our core services at Allure Captures is producing commercial retail store photography for brands and companies worldwide.

This is the new flagship Kiton boutique store situated in a huge luxury mall with a lot of traffic on the main avenue.

We had to compose several dozens of visuals to create this mid-day “empty” store exterior.

Before And After 24
Kiton Retail Store Photography Exterior


Luxury Development

Lastly, finishing the day with a great architectural photoshoot for a luxury clubhouse with over 2,500 square meters and a huge pool area outside.

creating the shine on the copper was a waiting time, showing the in and out feel, color correcting and sky enchantment were needed to create the ultimate visual.

Before And After 13
Club House Architectural Photography


I hope you enjoyed this unique behind-the-scenes of our commercial work. and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our teams.


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